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Monday, December 15, 2008

Belconnen is dying.

I have fond memories of Canberra's kangaroos. I took this photo of Kangaroos at the Belconnen naval base on my way to work one morning in 2005. Seeing kangaroos grazing in the middle of the suburbs was a unique part of the Canberra experience.

I'm saddened that in May 2008 500 kangaroos on the Belconnen naval base in Canberra were herded into an enclosure and killed. You can still see the circular killing area just south of the buildings.

The government's rationale is that grazing and kangaroos threatened the grasslands, which are home to three endangered species.

Photographs of the kill.

If the comments on riotACT are any indicator the public in Canberra views kangaroos as pests. The first page of Google search results for "canberra kangaroo" or "canberra kangaroos" is mostly articles and pages about the cull.

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