Married on the third day of December in our backyard, Canberra, Australia.

Monday, May 28, 2007

New Scrapbook Pages

Some QLD pages:

And this series zooms in on the corporate housing we initially used:

Filling up the SUV(s)

We spotted some ships, presumably tankers, docked at the Pt. Richmond. For some reason that picture reminds me of mechanical pigs.

Dogs may not sit on Baby Squirrels

Another street sign in Pt. Richmond.

Annual Pt. Richmond Garage Sale

Today was the 14th Annual Pt. Richmond Garage Sale. 10% of the proceeds go towards the Masquers Playhouse, so since we had the day off (Memorial Day in the US) we headed to Pt. Richmond and joined in.

Even when we arrived at 9am there was traffic chaos in the town center. Luckily we know of a good parking spot on the outskirts of downtown. Pt. Richmond is a nice little town on the edge of the San Franscisco bay, so it was nice to leave the car and walk around town.

There were garage sales sprinkled throughout town, but you had to be there early to snap up the good bargains. Louise's cheapest item was a dolls house "box of seed packets" which was given to her for free. I got half price on a card terminal, and also picked up some padlocks (no keys) for the lock club at work. We didn't just buy junk though, we got everything you can see in the picture below. We bought a pop-up book, some great shop props, cards, candles and books. Guess how much we paid for that table full of goodies? $20.

Had we been interested we could have bought cars, computers, skis, pianola rolls, a Louisville slugger or a copy of "Baby Boomers Trivial Pursuit".

We also had a look around town. The Chinese restaurant is up for sale (only $1.5M). Depending on which side of the hill your house is on you either have a view of the freeway and railway yards, or the bay. We stumbled across a group of four squirrels, and I narrowly missed a shot of a squirrel peering around the power pole at Louise before it ran off laughing!

What did that sign say?

We saw this in Point Richmond today, and thought it quite funny.

Mountain View Arts and Crafts Festival

Last weekend we went to the annual Mountain View Arts and Crafts festival. They had the usual assortment of food, arts and crafts.

The highlight was running into Conny and Dennis, who make Essence of O branded soap. When we got home we found a picture of them on Louise's Nova Studio scrapbook page.