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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Dina, my dear friend, has her birthday the day before mine. So my other very good friend, Tonya, decided to shout Dina and myself brunch at Shadowbrook!! Ahhhh, it's such a beautiful place to have brekkie. We were very lucky enough to have a table that we could view the river as it flowed past. (You had to be there really early to grab a river view table). All in all, we lingered there for as long as possible as the food was wonderful, company fantastic all surrounded by a beautiful environment! What more could one ask for?

When we got there, we had the option of walking through the lush rain forest like path or take the trolley down! Of course, we took the trolley!

Sean and Me.....

Abhi, Dina, Sean and Me standing beside the Soquel Creek.

Me, Tonya, Abhi and Dina standing above a waterfall.


DadB said...

Impressive! I'm more used to a slice of toast and a bowl of cereal for breakfast :(

Erin (etc) said...

Thanks for all the updates. You guys have all the fun :( . And Happy 30th, Aunty Louise. I hope you got our present before you went away (again...sorry it's so late!)